About Us

We are a modern company consisting of self-steering data consultants
focusing on delivering powerful AI solutions

We …


… are a team of experienced data engineers, scientists and analysts 
… like to learn, but love to deliver
… always take business stakeholders into account
… find the optimal balance between quality and speed
… communicate our plans and progress clearly and enthusiastically


Data Heron is founded in 2020 by Jelle Reichert; an entrenepeur with a love for data. His background is aerodynamics and after that he has focused on development of data intensive web applications.

Our team consists of:

  • Data engineers: specialised in data architecture and tooling
  • Data scientists: specialised in machine learning and AI
  • Data analysts: specialised in business intelligence and dashboarding

We do not work with special roles to communicate with clients. Our engineers have been selected so they can both perform the technical task and communcate clearly about it. Also we don’t have managers since everybody is self steering. We all love to take ownership and drive our projects to a success!