Data Heron has worked with many clients from various industries and sizes. Please read below for some use cases to learn more!


Data Science (AWS Sagemaker, classification and regression, Markov model)
Data Engineering (Airflow, Snowflake, Spark)

Leaseplan is the largest car leasing company in the world working towards a future of mobility as a service.

Data Heron has worked together with the marketing team to work on digital growth:

  • scoring of leads based on website behavior (XGBoost model)
  • predictive budget tool for advertisements based on regression methods
  • attribution model to know where leads come from based on Markov chains

Our collaboration with Data Heron has lead to a kickstart of a couple of new projects with digital marketing. Their clear and pragmatic way of working lead to these advanced models into production.

N. Dhanuka

Head of Data Science, Leaseplan Digital

DNW manages windtunnels to test aircraft in the Netherlands and Germany. They are world leader in experimental aerodynamics.

Data Heron has developed a Matlab-based application to create and assess regression models in real-time during experiments. In this way the costly windtunnel experiments are made more efficient (stop when the needed accuracy is achieved).

Data Heron heeft een tool ontwikkeld die wij  in kunnen zetten tijdens wind tunnel experimenten om de nauwkeurigheid real-time te kunnen evalueren.

F. Wubben

Project Lead, DNW


Data Science (polynomial regression models)

JOHAN Sports

Data Engineering (AWS S3 and Redshift)
Data Science (regression, classification and clustering)
Data Analytics (Tableau and custom dashboard development)

JOHAN are a European leader in player monitoring system for professional field sports teams. 

Data Heron has designed and developed the complete online platform for analysis of the measurement data:

  • Pipelines to process large measurement files a synchronously
  • Smart storage of aggregated data
  • Machine learning to recognise and categorise parts of activities (for instance training exercise)
  • Implementation of heuristic models based on sports science theory (for instance to recognize player with injury risk)

Data Heron heeft voor ons veel waarde toegevoegd door met slimme analyses en weergaves waarde uit onze data te halen.

R. van Kappel

Former CEO, JOHAN Sports

Reiger en de Raaf is a leading sustainable toy shop in the Netherlands. Their main goal is to transform the toy industry sustainably and to stimulate children to use their imagination.

Data Heron has worked on personalisation of their e-commerce environment based on collaborative filtering. This means that ‘similar’ products are suggested for products based on user click behaviour. Reiger en de Raaf has seen a significant increase in conversion rate as a result of this.

Our webshop has become way more personal for our visitors due to the product suggestions Data Heron has delivered. The collaboration was very innovative and results were delivered.

F. Walraven

Director, Reiger en de Raaf

Reiger en de Raaf

Data Science (collaborative filtering)
Data Analytics (python Dash dashboards, AWS Quicksight)