Data Analytics

Data analytics is a collection name for tools to create and communicate dashboards to stakeholders. This is also often called business intelligence, since it offers a way to monitor the business in real-time and to take actions upon insights. BI tools can be connected to any data source to create data driven dashboards. We have experience with Tableau and AWS Quicksight but we are also able to create custom dashboards based on web languages.

Live data

Connect the tool to the database or other data source containing live and historical data.

Flexible analysis and visualisation

Create dashboards and reports in an efficient way and allow users to interactively play with the results.

Insightful communication

All tools are cloud based and allow stakeholders to view in an easy way. We focus on UX and relevant insights.

1. Connect

Connect with data source(s)

  • Identify data source(s)
  • Connect to chosen BI tool
  • Select valuable data

2. Build

Build reports and dashboards

  • Define KPI’s
  • Visualize KPI’s suitable for purpose
  • Create dashboard and/or reports with accompanying explanation

3. Communicate

Communicate with stakeholders

  • Disclose dashboard to stakeholders
  • Generate reports (any format)
  • Update stakeholders periodically (via email or other channel)

More information?

Interested in the potential of data analytics for your organisation? Please contact us and start a conversation with one of our data analysts!